Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Supreme Court to examine Partial Birth Abortion Law

Looks like the SC is going to take up the Partial Birth Abortion issue. Story here. If I were Planned Parenthood, I would be very afraid. Chip, chip, chip away...

For those of you not familiar with this gruesome procedure, let me fill you in. A partial-birth abortion occurs when an abortionist punctures the skull of the baby (often sucking the brains out in order to make the head collapse), while the rest of the body (torso, arms, legs) is already, well, born. Besides being a disgusting, makes-me-think-of-the-Holocaust type procedure, the legality of it is absurd. If the doctor pulls the baby's head out of the cervix and punctures the skull, he would be guilty of first-degree murder. If he punctures the skull while the baby's head remains in the birth canal, he performs a medical procedure. Wrap your heads around that one folks.


At 2:43 PM, Anonymous Andrew said...

and Meanwhile, visions of sugarplumbs dance in Anthony Kennedy's dreams as he envisions his new swing-vote status in favor of upholding precedents like Stenberg and Casey. I think States like South Dakota who want to challenge Roe in the new Court might want to wait until the 11th hour of the Bush presidency to give him the chance to replace another outgoing. A 21st Century Casey will haunt us for another 20 years, if not more. and all it takes is 5. So South Dakota, are you sure the time is ripe ?

But as for the PBA ban, I think it may slip through unscathed. Even liberals are getting tired of defending the practice. And John Paul can almost see St. Peter when he sneezes too hard. Maybe it's about time to change stripes.

At 1:04 PM, Anonymous Andrew said...

After almost 20 years of NOW trying to use federal extortion law to keep pro-life advocates from exercising their first amendment rights, the pro-life side has won in the Supreme Court (don't be fooled by the physical violence threat allegation, this litigation was always about whether causing or threatening economic harm to clinics by protesting was actionable as extortion). One thought this case would never go away. Even the AFL-CIO joined the pro-lifers on this one.

At 8:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's just hope you are never the woman in the delivery room about to lose your uterus which is going to rupture in the process of deliverying an anephric baby who is the product of a rape that has severe shoulder dystochia.
For God's sake, this procedure is almost never, ever performed. Let physicians take care of their patients safely, without being prosecuted. It's not some arbitrary method of birth control.
It's a rare but health and reproductive saving procedure.
People who do not support abortion
should not have one. Better yet, make sure every child on this planet who is available for adoption gets a home. And work to outlaw capital punishment--stop murdering criminals.
But don't impose your religious beliefs on your fellow citizens. They are not ignorant murders.

At 11:43 PM, Anonymous Becky said...


There's lot's in your comment, but my religious beliefs have little to do with my stance on abortion. If I was an athiest, I would feel the same way.

I hope I'm never in that situation either, but I hope that I would have the courage to prevent a doctor from stabbing scissors into the neck of my child.


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