Monday, January 23, 2006

Conservatives projected to win

As of 10pm, the Conservatives have already elected or are leading in 99 seats in the House of Commons, whereas the Liberals are at 89. There are still the western provinces to go, which are dominated by Conservative strongholds. It is looking really, really good for the Conservatives.

CBC updates here. Continuing coverage here.

Update: The big story is the Conservative gain in Quebec. While the Liberals have lost a bunch of ridings, the Conservatives have picked up the slack in a province they've never won seats in before.

Update 2: Elected seats - Conservatives 50, Liberals 33. (For those of you who aren't familiar with the system, there are 308 seats in the House of Commons to be won.)

Update 3: Elected seats - Conservatives 80, Liberals 48

Update 4: Elected seats - Conservatives 101, Liberals 78
(Just a note, that the Conservatives have won 7 seats in Quebec (7 more than they ever have before)

Hey! The person I voted for in my riding was reelected! Conservative Party candidate Cheryl Gallant won over 56% of the vote, and she's vocally pro-life and pro-marriage.

Update 5: Total seats in Alberta - 28. Total seats won by Conservatives in Alberta - 28. Heh. I love Alberta.

UPDATE 6: Elected seats - Conservatives 119, Liberals 98 (Only 13 more ridings to be decided and I think there are a couple of recounts).


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