Wednesday, June 15, 2005

University of Western Ontario Scandal

And I thought Notre Dame was bad about getting commencement speakers...Check this out. UWO will award an honorary degree to Canada's most infamous abortion doctor. At least there are a good number of protestors - much to everyone's surprise (being that it's Canada and all).


At 10:47 PM, Blogger Patrick Roach said...

UWO is an Anglican school, is it not? Not that that is any sort of excuse, I'm just curious.

At 10:59 PM, Blogger Patrick Roach said...


Here is a letter to the editor of the Ontario Observer in response to another letter in support of this psychopath receiving an honorary degree. It's wonderful.

"Courageous mothers thanked
Sir: I was saddened to read that the University of Western Ontario was even considering honouring a man who has inspired the deaths of so many pre-born children and who is therefore responsible also for much of the trauma that post - abortive women deal with for years after their "pro-choice" decision.

By the way, isn't our choice of words confusing? Really, it's only after the choice to choose life has been made that a woman truly has the freedom to make some choices - like choosing a name for a real baby or like choosing adoptive parents from a growing number of infertile couples.

If we buy into the pro-choice (death) position, mistakenly thinking that we are helping women, then we are completely ignoring two other perspectives.

My heart sank as I read the April 28 letter from the political science student from Western who claimed that Henry Morgentaler was due an honourary degree. I doubt that my words would be convincing enough to change her views, though for the sake of our country's future, I wish they could. Clearly this student has embraced our culture's "rights above all else" mentality.

But I think about another student, with her own views and plans, who, 20 years ago, found herself inconveniently pregnant. Yet this young woman had not been influenced into believing that she was more valuable than the baby girl growing inside her womb.

I have not met this beautiful person, but I owe her a debt I could never pay. She is the one who chose life for my first adopted child. It would be very hard to imagine a world without my beautiful daughter, Jessica (or without any one of the children in our family).

I had the opportunity to celebrate Mother's Day with the lovely lady who gave me life and with the patient person who gave life to my husband. I also remembered some other special women.

I would like to give honour to each courageous mother who, after giving birth, selflessly entrusted that precious gift into the arms of a grateful adoptive parent.

Thank you:
--for the weeks of morning sickness;
--for the months of living in an unfamiliar body;
--for the hours of painful labor;
--for that difficult moment of saying goodbye;
--and for the years of wondering.

Thank you for giving life to a very much wanted child. You are my hero.
I honour you."

Connie, Ontario, Canada"

At 1:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my...


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