Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Kempling Denied Rights (Again)

This is the latest on my pet free speech case in Canada. This is the second time that Kempling has appealed his case to the BC Supreme Court and lost. He is the high school teacher who wrote a couple of letters about homosexuality to his local paper and was suspended by the British Columbia College of Teachers for discrimination against homosexuals. The absurdity of this case is astounding. If anyone wants a lesson on speech control gone out of hand, go to Canada. I've written a few controversial letters to the editor myself - glad I'm in the U.S. for now!


At 10:13 PM, Anonymous Richard A. Mansfield said...

Thank you Becky!
I am a personal friend of Chris Kempling and he is now driving a water truck for Ministry of Forests. Please see my site www.imansfield.com for more on Chris. While I can't do too much for him , I have joined NARTH (see www.narth.com) and contribute to other similar sites (see my site), because I want to at least give him moral support. I have also seen Christian lawyers like George Formby (defending prolifers ) and Humphrey Woldock who defended a Catholic social worker Cecilia Moore in the '80s. Today, standing up publicly against abortion and same sex marriage is a good indication that you are a faithful Christian.

- Richard A. Mansfield
Prince George, BC


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