Sunday, June 12, 2005

Canadian Bishop Makes his Case Against Gay "Marriage"

Why is it that non-Christians always assume that religious officials will argue certain moral issues from a purely theological perspective? Do they think them incapable of make arguments based on reason alone? This Bishop continually attempted to use language that all people (no matter what their faith) could understand when he explained why the government should not support Bill C-38, the bill on legalizing homosexual unions. But MP Bill Siskay insisted on focusing on the stance of the Catholic Church regarding denying communion to certain "notorious and public sinners."

Gay marriage is not a "religious" issue. One can make arguments against it without turning to theology. In fact, if we feel it necessary to bring theology into the debate while speaking in the public square, we have disregarded the arguments that transcend the existence of Christianity and Scripture themselves. Scripture presumes a natural law. I say we use it.

If all the logical and reasonable arguments in the world are labeled "religious" and thus removed from the public square, where does that leave our society? If every idea that is repugnant to the government is labeled "religious" and removed from the debate, where do we stand as human beings? Would we have any humanity left in us?


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