Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Canadian Same-Sex Marriage Bill Passes

Here's the story. I think I've said it all already, so I'm almost speechless sitting here thinking about what's left to say about the present situation in Canada. I'm overcome with a deep sadness. I love my country, but this is too much to take. With this vote, Canada ensures its self-destruction, and the hope that I have for her prosperity diminishes. Marriage has already dwindled to mere nothingness in Quebec, without this further dilution of its former beauty. Our nation grows older, as cohabiting couples (both heterosexual and homosexual) wallow in their selfishness and 1/3 of my generation is murdered in the womb. The Pill is handed out to teens in the hallways at school and STDs run rampant. Child pornography is seen as "art."

Is it all connected? Most definitely. It all stems from a depraved notion of what human sexuality is, and what it means to be male and female. Tonight's vote is just a symptom of the greater disease that has spread across my nation. The source of it is a selfishness grown to cosmic proportions.

I am filled with the most tremendous grief for my dying country.


At 10:48 AM, Anonymous Andy Bolton said...

As a Catholic, a student at Notre Dame Law School, and a homosexual, I applaud Canada in their step towards making their country a better society. Rely on Catholicism as much as you will, but provide some solid, concrete evidence that shows me how unions between homosexuals will destroy the moral fabric of our society before throwing around such contentions. Almost every bit of research done on the subject has shown that quite the opposite is true - in relationships, raising children, etc.
You seem to believe strongly that to be an actively gay individual and devoted to God are two mutually exclusive things. I assure you, they are not. I find it sad that you feel yourself in a position to interpret the Bible in such an exclusive and oppressive manner. My relationship with God is much different than yours - much more compassionate and understanding. It is true that Catholicism is currently struggling with homosexuality, as it has with many issues in the past. However, we must remember that those in power, even those in the Catholic church, are human, and vulnerable to mistake and inaccurate interpretation.
I suppose my contention, or stance, on the issue of gay marriage and civil liberties as a whole is that we should make laws that allow indivduals to choose for themselves how they wish to lead their lives. Whether abortion, gay marriage, or any other issue with which we might have personal moral objections, we must that we who choose to live the lives in the way we do will be held responsible before God in the end. I'm confident in my homosexuality, and know that God loves me and has chosen to create me in this way. I've come to see it as a blessing, to tell the truth.
Perhaps instead of attacking the way others choose their life, you should focus on your judgmental and condemning approach towards others, and try to make yourself a better individual. Christ never pointed fingers - only understood. God bless.

At 10:59 AM, Anonymous Becky said...


Thanks for commenting. I know that God loves you, and so do I. I am glad you are confident in His love.

Christ often pointed fingers in the Bible - he told people to mend their ways, he called people hypocrites, he told them that sin would bring judgment upon themselves, and that the answer to sin is a life lived in accordance with his commandments.

I see no problem with being a homosexual and a Catholic at the same time. Actively engaging in sex outside of marriage is something that is condemned by the Church as grave sin, whether it is homosexual or heterosexual sex. The Church doesn't "struggle" with this - she is very clear.

I know we disagree Andy, and I would hope that on any past encounters that we've had at the law school, you have not felt like I was passing judgment on you. I see you as a child of God, like any other person I encounter.

Abortion is a different story in all of this, as we are not free to do as we please when it involves the taking of innocent human life.

At 12:20 PM, Anonymous Becky said...

Correction to paragraph in last post that starts with, "I see no problem..."
There should be a ", however," after the word "marriage." That should make it more clear what I'm trying to say.


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