Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Pro-Lifers win 19-Year Litigation Battle

The SC unanimously decided that RICO (racketeering statute) does not apply to pro-life advocates who protest at abortion clinics. Story here. NOW must have some money to spare to litigate something so frivolous. Which lawyer was it that came up with the idea that pro-life protesters could be prosecuted under an organized crime statute?

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Supreme Court to examine Partial Birth Abortion Law

Looks like the SC is going to take up the Partial Birth Abortion issue. Story here. If I were Planned Parenthood, I would be very afraid. Chip, chip, chip away...

For those of you not familiar with this gruesome procedure, let me fill you in. A partial-birth abortion occurs when an abortionist punctures the skull of the baby (often sucking the brains out in order to make the head collapse), while the rest of the body (torso, arms, legs) is already, well, born. Besides being a disgusting, makes-me-think-of-the-Holocaust type procedure, the legality of it is absurd. If the doctor pulls the baby's head out of the cervix and punctures the skull, he would be guilty of first-degree murder. If he punctures the skull while the baby's head remains in the birth canal, he performs a medical procedure. Wrap your heads around that one folks.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

AllianceND is determined...

The unofficial and unrecognized group, "AllianceND" has made a call for students to wear their "Gay? Fine By Me" shirts on Thursday, February 9th, in support of the formerly named "Queer Film Festival" on ND's campus. Fox News is apparently coming on Thursday, so they're hoping to glean some media attention. *Sigh*

A member ponders an often-asked question, "What do United For Free Speech, the Vagina Monologues, AllianceND, OutreachND and the Queer Film Festival have in common?" My answer? Distortion.

Thank you again, Fr. Jenkins, for speaking out against this nonsense. Should we have a group of students praying beside the petition drive, just so Fox News knows what a majority of students are actually about at ND?

Friday, February 03, 2006

NY Times Op Ed on Deus Caritas Est

Monsignor Lorenzo Albecete has commented on the Pope's new encyclical in the New York Times. I like the emphasis on having no fear of a God who is Love. Non-believers seem to fear God because his Truth stretches to all people, but indeed, Truth and Love are intimately connected. It is because Love and Truth are inseparable that the Church reaches out in charity to all. There is nothing to fear from a God who shows us the meaning of our lives through his love.

Albecete is a part of "Communion and Liberation," a movement within the Catholic Church founded by Luigi Guissani.