Monday, August 29, 2005

Yet Another (not-so-subtle) Anti-Catholic Piece by the Guardian

This newspaper annoys me to no end. The misunderstanding and hostility towards the Catholic Church and Pope Benedict abound. This article, titled "Vatican Plan to Block Gay Priests" totally misrepresents and basically mocks the Catholic faith and its humble servant.

I mean, the author thinks that Benedict is reviewing the new standards for seminaries very carefully because he's afraid he'll stir up too much controversy. Mr. Doward sees B16's attendance at WYD as a PR scam. He says:

"It[sp] been suggested Rome would publish the instruction
earlier this month, but it dropped the plan out of concern
that such a move might tarnish his visit to his home city of
Cologne last week."

Give me a break. No one suggested this to Mr. Doward - he made it up himself! Believe me, if the Pope was concerned about PR, he wouldn't have shouted out to the millions of youth at WYD, "You must stay true to Peter's successor!" and "You can't pick and choose your doctrines!"

Oh, and this last paragraph is my favorite:

"The Vatican has been carefully trying to soften Benedict's image since he was elected earlier this year. In recent weeks he has reached out to the Jewish and Muslim communities as well as young Catholics during the church's World Youth Day. The initiatives have been seen as a significant PR success. A decision to publish an instruction that would underscore his religious conservatism would be detrimental to Benedict's standing as he enjoys his 'honeymoon period' on the world stage."

Oh yes, as if the Church needs the approval of the Guardian to exist, or better yet, the 60-year old femi-Nazi priestess wannabees who think they can change 2000-year old doctrines with their disobedience. Honeymoon period, my ass. You know what, the "honeymoon period" of support that Benedict enjoys right now comes from a young generation of Catholics, 1 million of whom made an appearance at WYD last week. And we're going to be around for a real long time, friends.

And finally, newsflash to Mr. Doward: reaching out to our Jewish brothers and sisters and the Muslims of this world is a part of the Catholic mission. Not that I would expect him to understand.


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